Looking For An Affordable Bridlington Care Home That Will Truly Cherish Your Loved One The Way You Do?

Bridlington Lodge Care home resident's bedroom

Bridlington Lodge is a small friendly care home where we're deeply passionate about your loved one being cared for just as you would care for them

Your loved one is our main priority

Here at Bridlington Lodge, your loved one’s well being is our main priority and as a result our services are tailored precisely to their needs. We provide 24-hour care in accordance to their individual care plan. Our fully trained professional and friendly staff will carry out this care.

Our staff will want to know all about your loved one’s life, including his or her likes and dislikes, previous life experience and current care needs. Along with this their individual needs are consistently monitored and care plans are reviewed and updated on a regular basis to make sure they're getting exactly what they need.

Whatever the circumstance, if if it's time for full-time residential care - you'll be able to rest easy, knowing that they are being cared for at Bridlington Lodge.

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Here to ease your fears

Having to face moving into full-time residential care can be a very daunting prospect for both you and your loved one. They may be feeling that they have lost control of their lives or worried about howthey will settle into their new surroundings. These concerns are not unique, and can range from how their bedroom will be decorated to how they can keep a hold of their independence.

The expert staff at Bridlington Lodge offer 24-hour support to alleviate all of your loved one’s fears, while ensuring that all of their health needs are catered for.

Here’s how we do that:

  • Our intimate and homely size means that residents feel comfortable and content
  • We promise that our home will never look or feel like a hospital or institution
  • ​Our staff our friendly and approachable
  • ​The home enjoys a genuine community feel with strong bonds and friendship
  • ​We have stringent, in-depth recruitment procedures to ensure that only the most caring and understanding of individuals get to care for your loved one
  • ​Activities incorporate health-related exercises to improve your loved one's overall fitness andmobility, with expert physiotherapists attending the Lodge on a regular basis
  • ​Fun daily activities will keep your loved one entertained during their stay with us
  • ​We are fully registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and all of our staff are fully trained and monitored

However these are just a few aspects of the care that we pride ourselves on. We are also passionate about listening to feedback from both our residents and their families, and happily make improvements wherever necessary - we truly are flexible.

During your loved ones stay we will put a personal care plan in place, according to their needs. We always aim to promote as much independence as possible for all residents, and therefore include this within their schedule.

Our first and foremost aim is to enhance the quality of your loved one's life, by enabling them to make informed choices about all aspects of their daily activities and their overall wants and needs.

Why not come and take a tour?

We hope that you have gained insight into how life could be for your loved one - if they come and live at Bridlington Lodge. You're more than welcome to come and have a look around the facilities yourself anytime. If you need further information or would like a confidential chat about your requirement please call us on 01262 676611 or click here to email us.

We are looking forward to meeting you and your loved and to finding out how we can support you both.